Reliable Help with Writing a Press Release from a Professional Company


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There are plenty of writing companies out there which offer these kinds of services but finding a reliable one is the main challenge. Most of these companies are out for money which means they might end up submitting to you a poorly-written paper that may not give you the right expected results. Our company has been in the industry for years, and we have written many press releases for different customers. We believe we can help you navigate these challenges and have a lasting solution. We have experts who are proficient in writing quality press releases, and they can help you with the whole process of coming up with a topic, researching, and finally writing. It only costs you a small fee to get all this work done.

Writing Press Release – Professional Guide on How to Do It


When it comes to writing a winning press release, you need to make sure you go about it the right way. It is not a walk in the park and involves various processes you need to adhere to, in order to ensure your content is up to par. Most entrepreneurs use press releases to advertise their products and services, as they have proven to be quite effective. Press releases can be used in anything, from entertainment to discoveries. Our press release writing service stands out from other companies because we understand exactly what is needed and we’ve also hired some of the most skilled and experienced writers to work for us.

If you need to learn how to writer, here is a guide for you. Just follow these simple steps to write a winning press release of whatever number of words, even if it’s more than 2500words.

  1. Find a good angle for your story – Every news story to be good needs to have a great angle in order to intrigue the readers.
  2. Have a headline – A headline is quite essential for every press release because it also helps to grab the attention of your readers, and have them hooked on to the story.
  3. Write 2 – 5 paragraphs in the body – You should remember to provide useful information in your body.
  4. Provide quotes – Quotes are good in a press release, but you should avoid using too much of them.
  5. Provide contact information in the press release
  6. Provide your boilerplate copy.

Writing a Press Release for an Event – The Do’s and Don’ts


The internet is overloaded with so much information from social media, emails, texts, and others. But, how do you make sure your content is right and appealing to your readers. Here we are going to list down the do’s and don’ts when it comes to writing a press release for an event.

What to do:

  • Begin your press release writing strong to capture your reader’s attention.
  • When writing make sure to use active voice because the use of vibrant verbs has an interesting feel which helps to draw the attention of readers.
  • Let your story be as interesting as possible not to lose the readers.
  • Send out the press release in a timely manner.
  • In your press release make sure to use a “hook” that ties to your event.
  • Keep it short and precise.
  • Check for any spelling mistakes.

What you should not do:

  • Use common phrases and clichés.
  • Give away all the information.
  • Address your readers directly. For example, using “”
  • Try creating emphasis by using CAPs or exclamation marks on various areas.
  • Provide an email address.

Essential Tips for Writing a Press Release from Experts

It’s quite hard for a press release to be noticed nowadays. Therefore, it has to have that special thing about it to draw readers’ attention. Here are some expert tips for writing a press release that is excellent for readers.

First, you need to make sure the story you are writing about is newsworthy. Ask yourself whether anyone out there would care about the news you want to write. You should also ask yourself if the story is relevant or interesting enough for your target audience.

Writing a good press release requires you to draft an outline before you begin. This will help you plan out the content you are going to write about very well.

To reinforce the main points in your content make sure you use quotations. While doing this, you should avoid using technical language as this might cause you to lose your readers.

Know the type of audience that is likely to pick up your story. The constant change in the media landscape has made it difficult to know who and where someone is writing.

A final step when writing a press release, go above and beyond. Try reaching out to well-known journalists or companies to inform them of your new story.

Need help coming up with a good press release? Our company will be happy to assist you! From the above discussed press release writing tips you can clearly see the amount of work involved. But, not to worry because we will help you with everything you need. Inquire here today, and we will write for you quality and relevant content at an affordable price.